Day 80 ~ Little Man, Big Man



4 thoughts on “Day 80 ~ Little Man, Big Man

    • I am in love with this shot. We spent the day at the park and I just shot and shot to get the feel for the Edge 80. This is by far my favorite, but I got many that I love and I can safely say I plan on keeping the lensbaby kit. I fell in love today. I hope you get one!

  1. This is so beautiful – love it! So in your kit, was there more than one lens? Would love to hear more about what was in it. A local shop sells Lensbaby and I think they rent too. If I can rent for a weekend, I might put it on my wish list.

    • This is a link to what he got me:

      My husband is generous, but also pragmatic. He figured since the Composer Pro and one optic is $500 (and figuring if I loved it, I’d want the others eventually) he found that the kit was a good value. Also, if you order from Amazon you can try it out and return it within 30 days if you decide it’s not for you. This photo of my husband and son was taken with the Edge 80 optic and cropped in quite a bit. The Edge 80 gives a slice of focus, so you can see that both their faces as well as grass are in the slice of focus. I loved this optic because I could get a really interesting plane of focus. (Thanks for loving the photo, btw!)

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